Beetech Pro Theme Documetation

This is a general Tutorials to guide the WordPress users.

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 Installing the WordPress Theme

Installing Wp Corporate Pro Theme (Cpanel / FTP)

Updating Theme

Creating a HomePage

Creating a Post, Page, and Category

Pages are very similar to Posts in that they both have Titles and Content and can use your WordPress Theme templates files to maintain a consistent look throughout your site. Pages, though, have several key distinctions that make them quite different from Posts.



Typography Setting

Configure Typography Settings:
Go to ?Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Typography Settings
Body Typography Setting

Choose the font's family from the dropdown for the heading text h1 to h6.

Theme Color

Pre-Loader Setting

Site  Identity

                                                                                                   (When Text As Logo)


                                                                                                 (When Logo Uploaded)



Header Text Color

Background Color

Demo import

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize >General Setting->  Demo Import. 

Then you can find three different demos to import demo. Choose demo you prefer to import in your system. Click on the respective image, then it will prompt you "Are you sure to import dummy content? It will override your content." 

When Your Demo Data have Import Successfully then you will receive a Popup Message "Demo Data Successfully Imported".

Import Demo One

Import Demo Two

Import Third Demo

(Note:- Demo Import shall be done on Fresh WordPress Installation as it might overwrite your data. We will not be responsible for your loss. It might take few minutes for importing the demo contents so please have patience. The importing demo will override the existing customized themes options settings which are irreversible so please proceed with caution.)

Background image

Static Front Page

Create your static page and use it as the front page.
(Note: you must create the Page first. From Admin > Page > Add New)
Here is procedure:
To get the homepage as in the demo you need to follow following steps:
1.Go To Backend > Pages > Add New
Then add a new page and select its template to Homepage (which is provided with the theme.) (According to a new guideline of WordPress we can't have a front page that loads automatically when you install the theme.) and save it.
2. Then Go To Appearance > Customize > Default Settings > Your Front Page 
Choose Static Page and select the page you just created from the drop-down.
Then you can manage everything from there only.

Menu Setting

Primary Menu Type

Search Icons

Header Sticky 


(Note: You Can Add the Limited  menu items from the customizer.)

Top Header Setting


Single Page Banner Images


Slider Section

       Choose the Slider Layout.

  1. Layout 1
  2. Layout 2
  3. Layout 3


Service Section


Our Team

Skill Section

Our About Section 

Subscribe Section

Testimonial Section

Our facts section

Call To Action Section.

Portfolio Section

Blog Section

FAQ Section

Video Section

Pricing Section

  (Actually, this section needs the widgets to configure so please Go to Appearence->Widgets->Pricing table).

Our client Section

Our Contact Section

Section Reorder

Blog Page Design

Blog Sidebars

Choose the Breadcrumbs

Archive Page Design

Team Page Layout

Single Page Layout

Single Blog Design 





Go to Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Widgets

Pricing table

(For the Pricing, you have to pick the Beetech Pricing table Widget from the Widget List.)