Finding Authentic WordPress Theme Reviews

Whether you’re reading reviews for the best WordPress themes (hint: they’re right here) or looking for your next mattress, online reviews are the foundation to consumer due diligence in the digital age. With search results for product and service reviews often yielding affiliate websites created by marketers to sell you products with higher commission for them, it is difficult to find trustworthy online review sources. Today we are here with Yashar Ghaffarloo, founder of, to understand how to find authentic reviews when looking for reviews on themes.

Private Domain Contact

The first step is to make sure that the domain owner is not using a private contact. If they are hiding who they are on the public whois database, it means that they may not be who they say they are and you may be receiving a biased “review” on a product that somebody is getting an affiliate commission. When looking for reviews, look for reviews on marketplaces like Envato where users are required to purchase themes before leaving reviews.

Sponsorships and Affiliate Relationships

The second step is to check for any sponsorships or any notes that indicate the post is written by an affiliate. Usually you can tell yourself if there is a weird tag or code at the end of the link that has the word “affiliate” (aff) “partner” or just random strings of letters that don’t look like a traditional URL.

Fake Negative Claims

The third step is to look for fake negative claims on the theme. People will say things like “they promised one hour average support time but I got a 63 minute response time” where they try to look like natural reviewers, but want to be understood as bratty customers that show how great the company behind the theme is. Beware of this sneaky technique.

If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

The fourth step is to see if it’s too good to be true. If the review is in all caps and is from an individual who has no history of reviews that are critical or honest, he or she may have a hidden incentive or behind the table deal with the theme owner. Look for a review that is unbiased.

Search Engine Optimized Affiliate Reviews

The fifth step is to look for reviews that continuously use the product name and keywords in an unnatural way. They will say things like “I really love Sample WordPress Theme, thanks for reading my Sample WordPress Theme review. If you want an honest review for Sample WordPress Theme, then just continue reading” These are used by search engine spammers in an attempt to make their page seem more relevant to search engine crawlers and often times written by affiliate sites with an incentive to sell you the product to make a commission.

We hope you enjoyed this short post on how to tell authentic WordPress theme reviews.

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